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Our Mission

Our experience in delivering technological solutions gives us a great insight into what works well. The benefits of remodeling the technology will improve productivity, communication, accuracy and your customer experience.

Our Story

We began in 1994. That's 27+ years. You can be sure that our success means our customers success.

We have had to adapt from the beginning as the industry changed. From providing customers with their first ever mobile phone or PC during the 90's to setting up businesses server and internet connectivity for the first time.

in 2015, we become the first ISP "Internet Service Provider" knows as "Alice Internet" .


As the demand for cloud and storage, we built our very own Data Centre and provide services from within. Including Co-Location services for customer owned equipment.


Moving into the future,  we are ready for the next evolution.

Our teams has a decades of industry experience.


Engineers have extensive technology solution building and project management experience.

Our solutions experts can help adapt our services to fit your business and ensure that customer success is at the heart of every project.

Service Delivery Management is the keystone of every project as well as ongoing support and maintenance. 


Project management goals are always to ensure near zero impact to customer operation.


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